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Csilla György

A colour-blind German chemist, Reich discovered my existence,
By asking his selfish colleague, Richter for assistance.
A small piece of zincblende was analysed by spectroscopy,
where a blue line within the green helped them to find me.

During the Second World War, I was used in aircraft,
Nowadays, I’m mainly found in indium tin oxide.
It is not just transparent but conduct electricity,
that is why it deserves to be in your LCD TV.

At very low temperature I can preserve my softness
which makes me a perfect choice for high vacuum systems.
A noble metal, platinum is often alloyed with me
As a small amount of indium improves its property.


About the Author

I’m Csilla and I’m from Budapest. I’m a second year PhD student in the Armes group and my project is about making diblock copolymer nanoparticles via RAFT PISA for lubricant additives. I’m not very good at cooking! During the first morning when I moved into my flat in Sheffield, I woke up all my neighbours with the smoke alarm when I tried to make my breakfast. As people say, first impressions are important…