In Poems

Adrien Chauvet

Like the jewel in the middle of the chlorophyll crown,
You enable photosynthesis.

And besides giving plants their pretty green tone,
You have many health advantages.

Indispensable for building neurons and bone,
You prevent heart diseases.

Even as a building material, you’re light and strong,
I can’t give you enough emphasis.

I do exalt when looking at you in the sky at dawn,
In fireworks and artifices.

But it is in the lab, when I shine at you photon,
That you revealed your inner most mysteries.


About the Author

I’m Adrien and I’m a physical chemistry lecturer at the University of Sheffield. I am fascinated by nature and always want to know how things work. Whether it is at the macro-, cellular or atomic level, it’s the goal of my research group to learn from nature with the hope that it will help us face today’s grand challenges (food, energy, health). In this aim, I use high power lasers to make molecule speak and to control diverse chemical reactions.