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Huda Hassan Dasuki

The thought of nickel feels me with awe its promising strength, lustre and grace.
Though a traitor to his own people he may seem, but Mond paved the way to its gleam for the world.
Through thick and thin together they toiled but alas came aboard its carbonyl form.
Nickel carbonyl as fierce as it is, yet fragile, shattering into bits by bit.
So CAUTION is the word here, be on guard.

Held with contempt in women’s world, the nickel jewellery no matter how it looks,
The metal on its own is a joy to be reckoned,
‘Cause a catalytic amount goes a very long way, stitching bits of carbon chains.

The alloys of nickel have promising traits like invar and monel just to mention but a few.
The memory metal is humble in its right never forgetting its original form.
Not a push nor a pull, a squeeze or a twist wow what great tensile strength it has!

So remember this dear when next you fly.
The friendship of nickel, aluminium and boron,
makes super alloys in aircrafts so light though tough,
and rocket turbines smile with might.


About the Author

I’m Huda from Kano, Nigeria. A mother of 3 wonderful girls and 2 amazing boys. Doing my PhD in Prof. Simon Jones group in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Sheffield. I’m trying my luck with asymmetric catalysis to replicate nature’s wonders in laboratory flasks.