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Jonny Gregg

Potassium metal, silver and soft,
curiously burns with a lilac glow.
The nature of this is considered oft,
the 4s1 electron makes it so.
Group 1 row 4, potassium features,
denoted by the single letter K.
Ubiquitous in all living creatures,
vital to keep kidney disease at bay.
19 protons comprise its centre
with 20 electrons to separate charge.
Isolated by Davy, inventor.
An incredible chemist, by and large.
One last point to this sonnet I will add;
potassium benzoate – that’s bad!


About the Author

I’m Jonny and I’m a PhD student researching polyurethanes for use in adhesives, with an aim of making them easily reusable. I have the same birthday as Bilbo Baggins!