In Poems

Rory McBride

In period seven radium is found,
It’s present in uranium ores in the ground,
T’was discovered by the Curies, just before nineteen-hundred,
Got its name from Latin – if anyone wondered…

It’s radioactive and has luminescence,
Was painted on watches by young adolescents,
Although it looked great and could be read in the night,
It caused people harm, which was not a delight.

2-2-6 is most stable: for thousands of years,
On the Curie’s lab-books long after their careers!
Although it seemed great, its uses have declined,
It’s just too dangerous, so very little’s mined.


About the Author

I’m Rory and I’m a first year PhD chemistry student at the University of Sheffield in Prof. Steve Armes’ research group. I enjoy running and mountain biking around Sheffield. My musical interests have led me to start playing the organ in recent years.