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Simon Fawcett

Rhodium, rhodium, wherefore art thou rhodium?
While palladium did William Hyde Wollaston seek,
Instead he found some metal chloride and sodium
Together as an ore so red that he named it rose in Greek.
However once alone, red no longer is shown,
Brilliance in shine and tarnishing it resists,
Earth’s rarest precious metal often seen on a throne,
Rhodium, the perfect metal to adorn one’s wrists.
Great heat is required to melt this noble metal,
Found within automobiles in quantities catalytic,
Best put to use when preventing fumes that settle,
The reduction of nitrogen oxide, which to breathe would be impolitic.
So when next breathing fresh air that keeps one alive,
Give thanks to the element, atomic number 45.


About the Author

I’m Simon and I’m a 2nd year PhD student studying reversible adhesives to enable recycling. Originally from the North East of England, I enjoy sports, travelling and art.