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Marika Meijer

somewhere in the farthest reaches of the medieval north,
in the vast, deep, dark unknown
lies a mystical silvery metal,
rarest of the rare earthen elements.
there she waits,
a Cinderella element,
for a prince determined enough to find her.
1879, the year was,
when at last he came, on his silver horse;
a dapper Swedish bloke
named Per Teodor Cleve.
took one look at this substance, he did,
and declared it thulium,
after the land from whence it came:
Ultima Thule,
the farthest corner of the ancient world.


About the Author

I’m Marika and I’m an exchange student from the USA studying chemistry. I’m in my 3rd year back home, so somewhere between 2nd and 3rd year over here. I collect little pewter monuments from places my family has travelled all around the world. I have quite a few!